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Essential tools for barbecue chef - barbecue rack

As the saying goes
Nothing is a barbecue that can't be solved.
If there is then two meals
Now the weather is getting cold, especially for outdoor barbecues.
How much of the barbecue craft depends on the barbecue tool

Barbecue rack

As a barber just getting started, the barbecue is certainly necessary. Of course, there are differences in barbecues, such as the use of carbon barbecue.

The charcoal oven makes the food taste more pure.

Use Tips:
When using a charcoal oven, it is not easy to control in many cases. If the barbecue time is more than 1 hour, remember to add charcoal to the charcoal oven. After use, be sure to cool the charcoal container to normal temperature and then clean the char.

Gas grilled rack

In Europe and the United States, which is mainly used for barbecue delicious food, gas ovens are used as barbecue tools. Because the gas oven is clean, quick, and easy to operate, it is much more convenient than using a charcoal oven.

Use Tips:
Always replace the gas pipe regularly to ensure safety. When cleaning the gas oven, do not flush the burner with water, etc., because the flame hole on the burner is very small and it will be troublesome after plugging.