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What barbecue tools are needed for outdoor barbecue?

When it is cool in spring and summer, barbecue has become the preferred place for many people to gather, and outdoor barbecue is more and more popular with everyone, so today we will arrange for you to prepare barbecue tools for outdoor barbecue.

1. Barbecue oven To outdoor barbecue, the preferred preferred portable, easy to carry barbecue, preferably folding type, small size and easy to carry, but also easy to store, is the most suitable.
2. Bharcoal Barbecue barbecue, as the name suggests is fire baked, then there is an important thing is charcoal. Good quality charcoal is generally easy to ignite, the fire is good, and the burning time is long, which is more conducive to controlling the heat. When igniting, it is easier to ignite with plastic bags, newspapers, and the like. In addition, we must remind you that when you add charcoal, you should use charcoal clips, which is convenient and hygienic, and can prevent burns.
3. Baking needles (brakes), grilled forks, barbecue nets When grilling chicken wings and other meat, use steel brazing; in the finely-baked vegetarian dishes such as roasted mushroom, use a barbecue net. Here to remind everyone, you can brush a layer of oil on the barbecue, you can try to prevent the dishes stick to the grill. When roasting meat such as sirloin, it can be worn with a steel fork.

4. Food clips, clean brushes, fans A long handle food clip is a necessity, long handle can prevent burns, but also make the food more complete, the appearance is better. Prepare at least two clean brushes, one brush and one sauce, so that you can bake better dishes. The fan is an important tool for regulating the fire, and it is also an indispensable tool.

5. Seasoning boxes, knives, plates, chopsticks, paper towels, paper cups, garbage bags These small and small things are indispensable, so that everyone can be more comfortable when grilling outdoors. One thing to remind everyone is that at the end of the outdoor barbecue, we must collect the garbage and waste, and also pay attention to the charcoal fire to be extinguished, to protect the environment and pay attention to safety.

6. Picnic mats, small benches Small benches are mainly for the barbecue people, a picnic mat is very necessary, everyone sitting on the top, more clean and more comfortable.